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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

States and Stages

I've been reading some intriguing ideas about spiritual growth/awakening/enlightenment that relate to the various states and stages we go through - or in some cases, refuse to go through.

Let's say we are sitting on a cliff overlooking the sparkling ocean and waving palm trees. Whatever stage we are at in our lives, we can have a mystical moment as we sit there. How we interpret that mystical moment depends on what stage we are in currently.

Say we are stuck in ego/narcissism, we will think God favors us specially, over others and gave us a unique experience because we're so wonderful. If we're stuck in a magical/superstitious stage, we will read magical things into the moment. If we are in  a higher stage, we may simply be present in the moment and one with the sparkling light and experience Oneness and peace.

Whatever comes into our lives, we interpret through the lens of the stage in which we currently live. For example in the ego/narcissism stage, we think Jesus loves us and all who agree with us, but does not love everyone. We ignore his many statements of inclusion such as: the rain falls on the just and unjust. We are then quite unloving, unforgiving, non-inclusive.If we are living in the magical/superstitious stage, we will focus on walking on water and turning water into wine, ignoring the deeper messages. We take everything literally and ignore and even argue against scholarship, linguistics, archaeology or any view that is not literal,

It would be interesting if people could somehow be willing to observe themselves and begin to recognize what stage they are in and note how that creates their worldview. How we view life and events tells a lot about our stage in life and little about the actual event.

You see what you are. What do you see?

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