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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Unintended Consequences

Since we don't have 100% foresight, sometimes things we do for all the right reasons, as far as we can tell, have odd surprise consequences. I know that sometimes we have flashes of knowing future things, but they seem to be sporadic and not always reliable.

So we go forth with courage to do our best, make the decisions that come from our most deeply held values, and really have to hope for the best. Most of the time the event and the unintended consequences are small and even humorous. But then, there are times when the "other shoe drops" it turns out to be a whole shoe store.

A month or so ago, I was praying about our current difficult situation. I heard this response:
I am taking care of it. How I work it out will be surprising.
The past few days have brought some answers that are way beyond surprising. It is taking a weight off of my shoulders to begin to be able to make sense of what has been happening, and at the same time it is sorrowful to my inner self. A decision I made decades ago, based on a big dream of my life, moving in a powerful direction for hopeful breakthroughs - was the beginning seed of our current troubles! How oh how can this be? How can such awful fruit fall on us from such a beautiful seed? How can such consequences, unintended though they are, be the result of my sincere decision?

Part of me is in shock.

Are there other decisions that will be delivering such immense unintended consequences? 

As this particular one unravels (so I am told), I hope and pray I will never be in such a situation again, never, never, never!  I pray I am more aware of the possible future fruits that would be likely down the road as I decide this and that.

Yet, as I look over the initial decision, I would do it all over again. It was the right thing to do, maybe not for me personally, but in order to be true to my most deeply held inner values and Guidance. From it came not only the deep valley of recent times, but also seeds of goodness and hope. I do my best to listen and follow the Guidance of Spirit, even though it may mean I have to go through some painful growing times, deprivation and finally freedom. This earth school is a strange and fascinating place. Even so, I have always known God is with me always, and I am not abandoned by the One Who Counts eternally.

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