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Sunday, October 6, 2019

Downside of Worthiness

Recently I encountered the relationship of testing and worthiness in the Bible. The worthy were often/always tested. Abraham was tested. Joseph was, as well as Adam, Moses, Noah, Jonah, etc... and the quintessential testing story was of course Job.

In the story of Job, we are told an accuser, a member of God's heavenly court, tested him in order to see if he would stay true to God or not. Giant wave after wave of disasters befell poor, unsuspecting Job. He lost all earthly things, and his friends blamed him - What did you do to upset God and deserve these disasters? I can imagine the attitude of his friends was a knife to his heart.

Eventually, Job passed the test, or maybe the accuser got tired of the game too. Anyway, finally all good things came to Job, even better than before.

My life has been strewn with test upon test. I joked the other day that I wish I were not so worthy. But seriously, I can see and appreciate that each has been my teacher. I can see how each has sculpted me into stronger, more flexible more compassionate forms. I can see my faith is deeper and more integrated into my life. I am thankful to be here today in the form l am in, Marlene 79.5. I know each day will bring more sculpting. I hope to be able to recognize the lesson quickly and cooperate fully with God, and not resist. I must admit, in the past, there have been times I questioned God - Really! Are You sure this is absolutely necesssary? 

Help me to recognize Your hand in the lessons of my life. Lead me ever closer to You. Bring me at long last into the valley of peace and safety and freedom.

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