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Monday, February 24, 2020

Non-Ordinary Consciousness

My long time interest in non-ordinary states of consciousness has reignited thanks to writings of Michael Talbot and Stanislov Grof. I have personal experience in this area that mostly came as  gifts that come on their own. That is, I've taken no drugs. I have had some of them during meditation and some seem spontaneous. Some came during hypnotic trances during and after my studies in hypnosis.

My own experience leads me to agree with Dr. Grof, "There is at present little doubt in my mind that our current understanding of the universe, of the nature of reality, and particularly of human beings, is superficial, incorrect, and incomplete."

I feel a pulling to resume my own humble exploration. I have allowed myself to slip into a vastly slowed down life, far from leading edge, primarily because just keeping the integrity of who I am while walking through the deeply challenging valley of recent years has held my attention.

We'll see 👀 what unfolds from this point. I'll keep you posted.

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