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Sunday, February 2, 2020

Karma or Reaping the Fruits of My Sowing

Buddhists speak of karma. Christians speak of sowing and reaping. Scientists speak of things like equal and opposite reactions. Philosophers speak of beliefs drawing us to things that match our beliefs. It seems to me that they are a cluster of similar concepts.

Whatever I do or say or think = energy. Energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed. It matters what energy I put out there.

There are several theories about our redemption from our dark energies and the resulting actions that cause hurt and pain. Most agree these kinks in our souls have to be paid for. Fundamentalists say you will burn or freeze (Dantes lowest hell was freezing) forever. Catholics tell us if you are only a little bad, purgatory awaits you for as long as it takes to straighten you out. A God of love is made into a Hitlerian villain. I simply cannot believe in that schizoid idea of God. If God is love, this is not how love behaves.

But then there is the idea of rebirth. It is fascinating. There have been quite a few studies on small children who still remember their past lives, for example at the University of Virginia. It warrants serious consideration I think.

The basic idea is that it takes multiple attempts to refine oneself to be in a state of compassion and oneness with Spirit. The dark side cannot win. Even for the most horrid person, there is eventual enlightenment, although maybe after many, many lifetimes. So there is hope.

Since we arrive here with no direction book and just have to figure it out, is no wonder we make so many blunders. That's no excuse, for we have to try.

Just as our bodies have healed of many things in this lifetime, so too can our souls heal. We can turn to the Light and do our best to let go of selfish ego things and embrace  compassionate living. We can pay for some of our negative karma by how we live out the rest of this life. I highly recommend this.

Oh my goodness Lord, I see clearly the dark seeds I have sown. Lead me to turn to live not for myself, but for You. Help me grow in kindness and compassionate living. Show me how I can make amends. I truly wish and choose to be a beneficial presence wherever I am. With Your Guidance, I do set my foot upon this path today and forevermore.

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