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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Words, Words, Words

Funny things words. They can seem the same, but have different meanings to those who hear or read them. They can point to enlightenment, but are not enlightenment. They can be sweet or cruel. They can reach flights of love and joy, or they can lead to despair. They can be used to free the mind or box it in. So incredible the flexibility of words.

I was thinking of "My Fair Lady" in the shower this morning. I could hear Elisa Dolittle/Audrey Hepburn say, words, words, words. Then the historic use of words came to mind. Words have often been power and control tools. There have been lovely sonnets and sweet uses of words too of course, but maybe not as the majority of uses.

Take "God," for example - a word pointing to the limitless Divine Mystery, but more usually used to diminish and box in the Infinite to someone's supposed understanding. So "God" is used as a weapon or control device. Think of examples: my teaching of God is the one and only correct one, and anyone disagreeing needs to be shunned or punished or killed. We see that played out over and over again in history.

I think we need less words about God, less arguments about God and more experience of/with God. Whoever speaks or writes can only feebly point to the Truths. The Infinite cannot fit into the tidy box of words. God is always infinitely more.

Divine More, lead us out of the tyranny of words into the experience of You that transcends all limits. 

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