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Saturday, January 4, 2020

Paradox of It All

There is a spiritual hunger active in our souls. Historically we know this hunger can be filled in quiet, in contemplation, in communing with nature, all of which lead us to The Presence and to knowing rather than knowing about.

The problem is that our "modern" life is noisy, busy and often in cities where most of nature is paved with concrete and asphalt.

So, we might ask ourselves, how can we satisfy our spiritual hunger? How can we carve out spaces in our lives for quiet, for contemplation, for nature? How can we shift from knowing about God to actually know God?

It seems to me, it has to be intentional. We have to recognize our own particular barriers and plan a way through them. For each of us, it might be a different route. If you've been reading my musings, you probably are aware of my route. You might begin there or might wish to go a more unique way.

I do urge you to begin, if you have yet to start, and to continue. I know for certain that The More is calling.

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