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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Shoes and Ships and Sealing Wax...

"Alice in Wonderland" pops into my mind in relation to the world pandemic and to my current reading about holograms. Strange things are unfolding.

Part of the discussion around the holographic nature of everything involves near death experiences, out of the body experiences, shamen, mystics, psychics, dreams, synchronicity, UFOs, intuition, precognition and more. They may all represent dimensional shifts or shifts to other holographic existences or levels. It seems that the reports of all experiences of the above, over vast stretches of time and space, are remarkably similar.

The higher, or next, or other dimension is described as luminous, beautiful, fully love, non-judgmental while at the same time simply reviewing and assessing one's life, incredible knowledge comes at once as in a cloud containing all about some area or other, peaceful, and with a lot of activity.

One of the cloud bombs of knowledge contains the realization of oneness at all levels. People who visit this other realm (whether shamen, yogis, or ordinary people who have this extraordinary experience) return to this realm made new. They are more loving, calmer, often become meditators and lose fear of "death," as they know about soul continuation. Their perspective has changed. They value spirituality and are not bound by any particular religion, for they have seen beyond. If they remain in an earthly religious group, they interpret the symbols and rituals differently.

They often become teachers of ways and techniques to open to this shift in consciousness. If you seek a teacher, do be careful, as there are charlatans selling phony ideas and wanting to take your money.

I find such explorations nurturing to the soul and so very freeing, beyond amazing really.

Open me to the knowing of oneness. Help still my wandering mind to focus and meditate. Lead me to know More. Free me from false ideas. Fill my awareness with Truth. I come to seek You, Divine One.

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