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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Principle is not Bound by Precedent

One of the ideas that came to me many decades ago via Thomas Troward's writing, is Principle is not bound by precedent. So let's consider the principle of electricity as an example.

Throughout the course of this earth there always existed the principle of electricity. Nobody knew of it, however, so it was not useable. Then static electricity was discovered by William Gilbert in 1600. The electricity of lightening was discovered by Ben Franklin in 1759, and electricity was off and running as a newly discovered principle. It had always existed in principle and potential. Because humanity didn't know that, did not inhibit our use of it once it was discovered. The precedent of ignorance did not stop the amazing whirlwind of devices developed that use electricity once its principles were known.

You and I also are not bound by whatever precedents have formed in our lives, limitations we have accepted. Our self-talk may be the binding agent that ties us to our outworn precedents. Every "I can't, I'm not good enough, it's too late" ties us to the ignorance of who we are.

My use of electricity would seem fantastical to a person just a few decades ago. From my electric mixer, to electric cars to this Kindle Fire, precedents are broken forever. A few decades hence, these things will be archaic remnants from the viewpoint of new and wondrous electric uses we today cannot even imagine.

Once we know its principles, electricity works without hesitation in a huge number of devices. Nevermind these devices didn't even exist just a few years ago.

Let's flip this example to Spirit, The More, Creator, God. Spirit expresses through everything and everyone. It is unlimited. The universe, the tree, the flower, the giraffe, the baby, you and I = Spirit expressing. The great religions, philosophers, poets, artists have known this throughout history.

Knowing this, you and I can uncouple from limiting precedents in our lives. The Principle of Spirit quickened in us is not bound by precedent, by the stories of our lives. Rich or poor, tall or short, man or woman, God calls us to be all we can be.

With God all things are possible. God and I are a majority. Greater things than this you shall do.

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