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Saturday, May 9, 2020

The Data Dilemma

When we make decisions based on data in any area of life, it behooves us to make certain that it is accurate. If there is no apparent way to prove accuracy or inaccuracy, then we should say this or that is our best guess.

Historically people have made many disastrous decisions based on false data. Everything indicates the earth is flat. More than one bath a year is dangerous to your health. Bleeding a person makes them stronger. It's  a fantasy we could ever get to the moon. This woman has been proven to be a witch. Women have no soul. Hitler will rule the world. The world will end New Year's 1000. Etc.

We currently find ourselves in a data dilemma over the pandemic. We have not lost 2+ million people here as was predicted by the early data, yet our Civil Rights are trampled in so many ways. People's jobs are designated nonessential, implying they are nonessential. Everyone has been treated as if there is a hot spot next door. It is confusing at best.

I learned in statistics, one can prove many different things from the same data, some mutually exclusive.  In order to make wise decisions, we need to use common sense in regards to our decisions and look carefully at any data presented to us. Question it - who is presenting this, what questions were asked and how was it organized, etc? We need to look not only to someone else's data, but seek truth no matter who or is what is speaking. Let us look with clear eyes and hearts.

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