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Saturday, August 22, 2020

A Little Walk

Sometimes songs play in my head, I can't carry a tune, so I rarely attempt to sing them out loud. This morning I heard - Just a little walk (actually its talk, but I heard walk this morning) with Jesus, tell him about my troubles...

That led me to consider an actual walk with Jesus. 

We're in the hills of Galilee, strolling, appreciating nature, the warm sun upon us. His presence is felt as a unique profound peace. He holds himself and walks as a man with inner confidence and strength. Kindness shines from his eyes. The words he speaks are totally congruent with his behavior, and so I know he believes whatever he says, and I too believe. His theme, the ideas he returns to most often, revolves around love. Others have taught love, but there is a specialness in his way. No one is excluded from this love. It cannot be earned nor can it be lost. It just IS. And his eyes particularly shine when he talks about the kingdom within producing a glorious earthly kingdom, if only we would walk with him fully. He sees the possibility of human life if aligned with God's Love and expressed as a ray of that Love. There is a sadness too. He knows how hard it would be for us to give up our dark sides. He sees the sorrows ahead for us as we refuse to love one another and love God with complete devotion. He realizes that what he knows is a seed that falls on various grounds and will not sprout in some hard places, and will not sprout generally for centuries or maybe never. Yet he loves, and loves still.


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