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Monday, November 9, 2020

Suddenly Freud

Freud said that We know and we don't know, and we play this game of hide and seek all of our lives.

I used to ask people who came to me for counsel, and who seemed stumped about this or that, What would you do if you knew? or some variant of that. I did this because it became clear to me we really do know, but we hide it from ourselves, or we play hide and seek with what is actually going on. In some odd way, we have often/usually disconnected from our full selves.

I was reading a Russian novel this morning, "Petersburg," and there was a curious manner of speaking - Suddenly broke in. I thought, that's what happens when we step out of the game of hide and seek - suddenly breaks in and we see and know, we have eyes to see and ears to hear.

As I look around the current state of things, a huge game of hide and seek seems to be going on. We actually know what is destructive and a danger to us, but suddenly has not yet broken in for very many of us so far.

I think we know because we are one with Spirit, the all-knowing, infinite One. But we have not stilled our busy lives and minds sufficiently to see and hear fully, so we take glib answers and bumper stickers and other people's points of view and get back to our busyness. There is no time to examine our inner knowing, get on with it, hurry.

I pray for suddenly to break the spell of hide and seek. 

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