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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Heresy or What?

This morning I read about Bruno, who thought he'd found original Christianity. He read Hermetic writings from the 2nd and 3rd centuries. He was so excited that he dashed to Rome to share with the Pope. The Pope was Pope Innocent, who was so anything but innocent that I can't imagine why on earth he chose that name. He was responsible for wiping out most of the Cathars and much of the people in the South of France. So, of course, he wasn't welcoming to Bruno. He threw him into prison and had him tortured for 8 years before he had him burned alive.

What was the horrendous heresy that earned Bruno such a reception? He was excited to discover ideas such as we came from a spiritual dimension and can remember while here and discover God within. 

I would have been right there with Bruno in prison, for I agree. Today those ideas are no longer dangerous heresy, so I'm relatively safe. But I am led to ponder how ideas become so dangerous to the mind of the powerful that such extremes are enacted with their approval and at their behest.

Religion has become less important to most people these days, so there's no talk of heresy there anymore. Heresy is standing on shifting sand right now. It's about climate or politics or maybe sports. It's about correct words or sex or image. What was heresy last year has been replaced by the newest heresy this year. It's hard to keep up.

My solution is just to be as authenticity me as possible, seeking truth and interiority, and how you define me is not relevant to who I am. Let's stop the treadmill of trying to stay off some stranger's naughty list😇. Just be authentically you and me.

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