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Saturday, November 7, 2020

The Shadow

This morning I was praying for someone who sees life through the veil of paranoia, and therefore is unhappy, has difficulty with relationships and is alienated from many. I remember him before the shadow blanketed him. He was so delightful, sparkling with life and curiosity and joy.

Suddenly I saw a vision of the shadow on him. I've read a lot about our shadow selves and how it us difficult for some people to face their own and to be free of them. But this morning I saw the paranoia as just a shadow, like the one cast when we take a late afternoon walk or when we make shadow figures on the wall to entertain children. What do we do to get rid of shadows? Light. Shadows have no powers in themselves, they are just light obstructed.

Then I saw God's Light casting away shadows, even the ones we have named and made real in our minds. This includes so many things from irrational fears to yes paranoia.

So now my prayer:

May the Light of God shine fully in the heart of my loved one, casting away into thin air the shadow named paranoia. With a thankful heart, I turn him over to God's healing Light. I celebrate the revealing of his true nature set free from the shadows. Praise fills my heart.

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