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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Our Christmas Life

Evelyn Underhill spoke about most people's lives being lived conjugating three verbs: to Want, to Have, and to Do. Craving, clutching and fussing on the material level, keeps most busy and also feeling like something is missing. The fundamental verb, the essence of spiritual life is to Be.

As I mused on the above, Christmas came into my mind. Many have spoken about the subversion of Christmas with materialism and sentimentality. That is so obvious that my mind slid quickly by that. Meister Eckhart's words jumped to mind. He asked basically, what good is it that Christ was born to Mary those many years ago, if Christ is not born in our hearts today? Now that seems to me to be the crux of it all.

In Christmas Eves past, in my talk/sermon, I often spoke of the Christ being born in the cradle of our hearts. Early Christianity spoke of metanoia, of transformation, of spiritual birth.  

So, what would it Be to birth the Christ personally, to Be transformed, to Be all we are intended to Be? Shackles would fall from all parts of us, from eyes, from heart, from ears, from mind... We would know that all is Spiritual. God is breathing creation every moment, including us. 

Jesus taught us, now we can have eyes to see and ears to hear the message. Finally the Universe sighs.

It's not about being politically correct, wearing the right clothes, seeking a promotion, giving or getting the "right" gift, or anything superficial. It's about genuinely Being forgiving, loving, lifting, caring, living compassionately. It's about living the Way, the Message in such a way that the Light streams from us and touches others and sets their Light free too. That's what Jesus did. Reread His words and hear them personally. You are sitting at His feet and soaking up His Way and taking it on as your Way too. That's what He asks of us.

May the Christ be born in the cradle of your heart this Christmas.


  1. Beautiful message. This year my personal theme is "BE the MANGER". I love your wonderful words. Thank you. Merry Christmas.

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