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Thursday, December 17, 2020

Strains of Thought Follow Me

It seems so anyway🤔. Maybe it's because great ideas are thought by multiple people. 

This morning I was reading Gurdjieff again, and low and behold he stated something that I read decades ago in a book by Stewart Emory. That very idea was a significant pivot point in my life. I'll try to paraphrase it.

  • If someone calls you a fool or criticises you or says some negative thing, you have two choices as an aware person. 
  • Hint - One of them is not get upset.
  • If the criticism is false, it is silly to get upset. It is irrelevant.
  • If the criticism has any grain of truth, it is silly to be upset. You should be grateful that it was pointed out so that you can grow and improve.
Upset is the sign of ego, not of an awakening person on the spiritual path. Upset is the sign something not worth protecting is trying to be protected.

Just observe yourself and others to see this. It can be a key to your freedom.

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