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Friday, April 15, 2022


I feel so tearful. For a couple of weeks, I've felt tearful, unlike the usual me.

There are some personal things I'm dealing with healthwise and situational too. Yet, it is more than that.

It's as if I feel the people of the world weeping. I hear the cries coming from across the planet. I hear the people in China boarded up in their apartment buildings, starving, jumping out of windows, crying out in fear. I hear the cries of the people in Sri Lanka as their country descends into chaos. I hear the cries of Russian parents by the thousands. whose sons and daughters are dying in Ukraine, and their cries over frozen money and little food and immense inflation. I hear the cries of the Ukrainians in the millions as they endeavor to protect their homeland, as they flee, as they die. I hear the cries of inner cities taken over by drug cartels and human traffickers, and as their sons and daughters are randomly killed by drive-by shooters and by drugs. It seems the people of earth are crying out all at once.

I hear them in my heart. Do you hear them?

Oh Divine Presence, we hear Your people cry out. Guide us as to how to respond, what to do. What are You calling us to do? What can be done? Shine Your Light into our souls and lead us to bring peace to this planet. Surely together we can bring an end to this weeping that is coming from all spots on earth. Your dear children suffer en masse. Comfort Your children and inspire us with Your Guidance. We listen...

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