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Monday, September 12, 2022

State of Mind

 In Perennial Philosophy we read:

The crimes which are everywhere forbidden proceed from states of mind which are everywhere condemned as wrong; and these wrong states of mind are, as a matter of empirical fact, absolutely incompatible with that unitive knowledge of the divine Ground, which, according to the Perennial Philosophy, is the supreme good.

This idea collaborates my thoughts that the violence going on is reflective of the decline in membership in religious groups, and thereby losing the moral teachings and encouragements found there.

Some of the questions that haunts me are:

  • How can we turn this around?
  • How can people be turned away from the "wrong thinking" that leads them and society to sink?
  • How can people be led to care about "unitive knowledge of the divine Ground?"
  • What can each of us do about it?
Let us each pray on this, listen and open ourselves to Guidance. Let us be courageous and filled with hope. 

Open us, Lord, to be courageous and contagious with Love of You and willingness at long last to Know of our Oneness with You, to know and know that we know You are the very Ground of our being. Let us fill the world with a grand Awakening.

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