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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

The Role of Conduct

The aim and purpose of human life is the unitive knowledge of God. Among the indispensable means to that end is right conduct, and by the degree and kind of virtue achieved, the degree of liberating knowledge may be assessed and its quality evaluated. In a word, the tree is known by its fruits; God is not mocked. - 

              "Perennial Philosophy"

It seems to me there are numerous ways that we experience the difference between right conduct and wrong, sometimes very wrong, conduct. If we are paying attention, we can think about the possible outcome of this or that choice of behavior, and thereby choose better and avoid a great deal of pain. We can learn from our successes and our failures. Indeed, we are required to so look, if there is any chance of truly living awake to and in God.

I have often spoken and thought about Jesus' well known words, By their fruits you shall know them. I consider this to be one of the keys to the inner kingdom he spoke of. When we look with clear eye and heart at our personal fruits, we can see where we need to adjust our thinking and our conduct in order to get better fruits. (Get the log out of your eye before trying to get the speck out of your neighbor's) This is essential to a well-lived life, and it is essential to move us to the actual spiritual awakening that is yearning within us.

We are here at this time and place for higher purposes.  It seems that many people don't know this. Human conduct, historically and presently, then falls far into the pit of dark and bad conduct where there is only faint light. But light there is, and those bringing hate and destruction can catch a glimmer and lift themselves up and out of the pit.

To the people of earth, brothers and sisters, now is your time to enter the Light. Be the best you can be. Let your good and kind and loving conduct be an example, a light, to others. 

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