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Saturday, September 24, 2022

Saturday Again

It rolls around once a week, but it seems it comes around ever faster. Time seems to change as we age. A week is a smaller portion of one's life in the so-called golden years than in one's youth. It seems eons ago when I was a little girl, wandering through orange groves, long since uprooted and paved over, dreaming of becoming a fashion designer, Edith Head my heroine. I entered a contest with "My Friend Irma" comic book to design the clothes for an upcoming issue. I entered and won! There it was in print  - This month's fashions by Marlene Eakin of 8313 S. Washington Avenue. Whittier, California. I was so excited.  I soon received letters from service men around the world, not knowing I was only 10 or maybe I was 12. Mother gave me the letters with big swatches cut out - an early form of redacting. I wish I had that comic book, but mother threw out all of my box of comic books one day when I was at school. She said You're too big for comic books. She sold or threw out much of my life. I never had a say.

Life has taken me places that were completely out of my dreams in those days. In fact, they would have seemed extreme, far-fetched, and impossible. Sometimes, even now, as I look back, in some ways many of the paths of my life seem magical or stunning, like how in earth did that happen?

But here I am, somewhere nearer to the end than to the beginning of this particular life, and I'm still in the land of the unexpected and unplanned. The question still stands even to this day. how in earth did that happen?

I have several hypotheses. When I was getting ready to enter this life: 

  • I signed up to complete a lot of karmic loose ends. 
  • I was bored and wanted an odd and interesting life. 
  • I wanted to be constantly challenged and test myself.
  • I wanted to prove I could go through advanced challenges and yet keep my connection to God and not lose my faith.
  • I was stark raving out of my mind at the moment of choice.
Yes, I do believe/know our essence, our soul, gets to give input into our incarnations, with the help and guidance of a wise spirit or oversoul or guide. I do believe/know our essence is eternal and not extinguished by anything, not even the horrid and evil. And I do believe/know we are accountable for what we do and how we face our challenges/lessons. We will be asked to evaluate it all when we leave these earthly bodies. I know that the first question will be, Did you learn to love unconditionally? That seems to be the common curriculum here on earth.

I hope and pray the current valley is the last weird lesson of this life, and that I get to have some peaceful years back in my own home, with all my things organized so that I can create and learn and enjoy awhile with my beloved husband and whoever God sends our way.

Let it be so.

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