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Wednesday, September 7, 2022


William James wrote about the shallowing effect. That concept I find to be profound and so applicable to what I observe around me.

People are encouraged to judge by the superficial- skin color, station in life, political affiliation, sexual identity, etc. Sort of tribes are formed around these superficial things, and there is hostility toward those tribes who form around different superficial things. Go to your corners and do battle, at least verbal slings, with the others attached to other shallow thoughts. But never, never do any deep thinking, nor research into various other ideas. They are constantly shallowing.

So we have the climate changer religion, who, with distain, call others deluded deniers. We have hatred of the other political party and attempts to destroy those who dare to think any other way. We have one race demonizing other races.

You who have willingness to deeply dive into all sides of a thing, are brave. You are likely to be either shunned, attacked and/or lied about by the shallow thinkers who want to skim life on the surface. 

Please, please be brave. Think and think some more. Think of unintended consequences. Think about all points of view. Think about history. Think about the future. Read all sides of an issue. Read/watch the other newspaper, the other channel. Realize no one knows all. We only see a tiny bit. 

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