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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Strip Theology to Its Core

 "And, in the wider field of religious thought," says a writer in a great international religious paper, "what truer service can we render than to strip theology of all that is unreal or needlessly perplexing, and make it speak plainly and humanly to people who have their duty to do and their battle to fight?"

Sometimes a sermon or a book or one comment or the other literally make me cringe. It may ignore history, or modern discoveries, or common sense or... I wonder how such a statement can come out of the mind and mouth of an "educated" person. 

I do believe that if Christianity is to survive in the long run, the theology needs to be rethought. It needs us to consider what were the premises of Jesus and Paul, when was this or that bit of theology inserted and by whom for what purpose??? We need our teaching to be congruent, that is lifted out of its contradictions. It needs to make sense. It needs to guide our lives to be more and more Christ-like. It needs to be both mystical and practical. It needs to move us, inspire us, touch us at the deepest levels.

As society becomes more and more material, more Marxist, more away from religion and farther away from churches, synagogues, temples, mosques  etc, it does not look hopeful at this moment. It seems this may be the crucial moment in history to turn it all around. I wonder if we are up to the task??? I seems up to those younger than I, and yet they seem the least likely. My heart calls out, "oh if I had only known what I now know back in my youth," but of course that cry is useless. I pray some vital younger people will be called and will answer.

Lord, open our eyes, open our hearts to You. Show us The Way to The Way. Give us the inspiration and the courage to find true spiritual lives and to release the false and the shallow. Our hearts cry out to to return to You.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Clues From Jesus

The injunction that Jesus gave in regard to prayer is unquestionably the method that he found so effective and that he himself used. How many times we are told that he withdrew to the mountain for his quiet period, for communion with the Father, that the realisation of his oneness with God might be preserved intact. In this continual realisation—I and my Father are one—lay his unusual insight and power. And his distinct statement which he made in speaking of his own powers—as I am ye shall be—shows clearly the possibilities of human unfoldment and attainment, since he realised and lived and then revealed the way. --- Ralph Waldo Trine

Such a powerful understanding is shared in this quote. I have often thought such and written about it. Jesus left us clues of how we are to live, if we sincerely wish to follow The Way.

Here is a powerful nutshell. Go apart, be still, commune with God, remember God is always present, live that oneness, let possibilities unfold, give God the credit.

Do this and watch the amazing unfold in and through your life.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Spiritual Ignorance

It has been said by some that humanity's biggest problem is spiritual ignorance. I tend to agree.

It's not that the information has been withheld. It is not that there have been no enlightened ones who spoke from the depth of knowing. It's not that we lack at least a partial spiritual road map.

It is partially because the great understanding of some have not been recorded or have been recorded only in fragments or in distortions. Even so, if we seek in the pile of fragments and distortions, at least some of the spiritual truth can be found.

Humans seem to be easily distracted by shiny objects - as the dog in the movie "Up," who constantly changes focus as it shouts "squirrel." Material things are our Achilles heel, when we make them the primary focus of our lives. That leads to greed, hunger for power and a hefty ego.

I think that it is possible for us to be at least less ignorant, spiritually speaking. Please consider what this might mean in your life.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021


There are so many ways of art. 

  • Our lives are an art that we develop during the journey. Hopefully, we become more gracious, radiant and joyful as we move along the path of this life. We artfully express the inner light, as we open more and more to the Divine.
  • The various physical manifestations of art are huge. The gardener creates a beautiful garden. The farmer creates beautiful fields with delicious foods. The builder creates useful and often stunningly beautiful buildings. The poet creates poems that touch us at many levels. The artist portrays his or her vision. etc etc etc.
  • Indeed, all of our creations are some sort of art, from the ugly to the beautiful, from the macabre to the divine, from the unremarkable to the magnificent.
Last night I was teaching about drawing on fabric. I found myself often saying that I saw the idea in the shower or while walking or..., and then I drew it. The often humorous drawings came to me, rather than than me creating them out of some sort of effort.

This led me to think about how life in general is like that, when we relax and are open to inspiration, ideas come wafting in, or maybe sometimes come in a gallop. But they come without effort. From where do they come? Maybe from various places - from our subconscious, from our superconscious, from the collective unconscious, from spirit guides or guardian angels, from our over soul, from God. It depends on a lot of things.

I can tell you, that the more we honor these gifts, the more they come. The more we spend quiet time, time with a tree or flower or something natural, the more they come. We are a lightening rod for ideas, if we accept rather than reject them.

So once again, I urge you to open to The More, thereby increasing the artfulness of your life. Lighten up with The Light.

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Inner Landscape

Just as our garden has layers of soil from the fertile top soil down, so does our consciousness. We know of our everyday consciousness, our dream consciousness, maybe our intuitive consciousness. We have many layers, however.

In a workshop somewhere, you may have experienced a guided meditation and discovered new awareness. You may have learned to meditate, and therefore know of levels of awareness and stillness not available in a busy life,

I think that those inner, deeper, more aware parts of ourselves need to be visited often, accessed, engaged and invited into our lives. Then, even in the busy day of a "modern" person, a deeper guidance can come to us. 

So to speak, we can garden our own inner landscape. Take a moment and imagine going deeply into yourself. Relax, let your breathing be even and slow. Bring with you a scripture verse, or a question, or just be still and calm and at peace. 

If you feel the need of a practical understanding of a current decision, you can visualize the choice before you in life and the path each choice would create. Say you are thinking of moving. In your relaxed state of mind visualize your life as it might be in choice A, then in choice B.

The point really is to cultivate an active relationship with the more of you. You are a carrier of Divine Light, and therefore have much more to you than you have so far experienced, no matter how enlightened you may be. Infinite is Infinite,

Relax and cultivate your inner landscape. Pull up weeds and fears and false thoughts. Tenderly care for your Divine Light. You will find yourself open to your soul in a deeper way, and richness of your inner landscape will flower and shine.

Saturday, September 4, 2021


Friday, yesterday, in my prayer time to heal those whose real self is camouflaged by the darkness of violence and hatred, some flashes of insight came to me.

I heard the well loved words of Jesus as he asked us to let our light shine and not to hide it. Flash - verification of my premise for this particular call to prayer that I have initiated. The light is already within everyone. We don't have to acquire it, buy it, cajol it from some guru, or find it under a rock or in a book. We have to LET the light shine. 

I've known that for a very long time, but I'd not been struck so resoundingly by the implications of this set of Jesus' teachings. He told us that close to 2,000 years ago. He knew that at the center of us all is God's Light. Made in the image and likeness of God, we are seeded with Divine Light. We were made to live gloriously.

Now I feel invigorated to pray to set free those who don't know they carry such magnificence inside. You, me, everyone, every single being carries The Light and can LET IT SHINE, ALLOW IT.

Let us see together the blanket of darkness lift and vanish so the reality of each being can shine so brightly that the world is transformed, set free, free to be light and love and peace and creativity and joy and celebration and more....

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Where Am I?

If we were to decide to explore ourselves, where do we find who it is that we say and think we are?

I can say to you, "I am Marlene." Where in myself do I find this identity? The lips that say the name are made of atoms, as is the entire body. They are not Marlene. The Atomic Energy Commission has shown that in just one year 98% of our atoms are replaced. Atoms circulate constantly. If you sit in a crowded room for an hour or so, you leave with some atoms that originally came in with each of the others, and they all leave with some atoms that originally came in with you,

We obviously cannot find ourselves in our flowing river of physicality.

We cannot be our egos or our personalities. They are formed in the context of culture and home. They change, sometimes dramatically, over the course of a lifetime. The twelve year old ego and personality that I call "Marlene" is almost another species from the ego and personality of this moment in time.

Our souls bridge the divide of this world and eternity, of earth and of a multitude of dimensions, Few people have been aware of their souls, and fewer still have been fully aware of their souls. We can increase our awareness of this true and eternal self, the one we have always been and shall always be.

There are many techniques to assist in disengaging a bit from the limited being we seem to think we are and to enter, at least with some degree of awareness, at a soul level.

It does not involve religion. Religion is made by people, mostly men, with various agendas, a wide array of understandings, mostly in error. As I stated a few days ago, in Christianity for example, most people are taught to believe in Jesus and not to believe Jesus. The shift to believing him is a positive step in the soul direction. He is one of the very few who were awake at the soul level. If we believe what we know of what he said, and then begin to implement those things in our lives, we would take a giant step into soul territory,

The entertainment of the outer world keeps Truth under a veil of camouflage. You might notice that Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tse and others went apart, into nature, into wilderness somewhat regularly. We can walk on grass, sit under a tree, spend time in a garden, or actually go out into a longer time in nature. We can disengage from our electronic devices for an hour, then a day, then longer. We can be still - Be still and know that I am God. We can meditate. We can listen to our breath, to the sounds of nature, to the silence. We can notice the guidance that comes to us. but is shut out with the noise of usual life. We can come to know the Spark of God that is already within us. We can remember our eternal journey. We can allow our soul to breath, even here while occupying this spacesuit of atoms.

Remember who you are.