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Sunday, February 26, 2017


There are many kinds of hunger, and all impel us forward to endeavor to find satisfaction. Our stomachs are empty, and we seek food. Our lonely hearts seek love and friendship. We seek meaning for our lives, for without it, we know something is missing.

Perhaps the biggest, most devastating hunger is spiritual hunger, but people rarely know how to satisfy that hunger. As I observe behaviors, it seems to me that there is a huge, massive spiritual hunger on this earth, When a person is at home with God/The Divine/The Higher Power, there is peace, there is compassion, there is a harmony, there is light and there is love. So I know that there are sad souls who seek something, and may not even know they seek Oneness with The One. I see the opposite of spiritual understanding - I see callousness, I see strife, I see darkness and I see hatred and violence.

There is an alarming amount of savage behavior on our planet. maybe more than I've seen in my lifetime, although WWII was a time of extreme savagery too, as are all wars, and also the times and places of communism/dictatorship. Just stop for a moment and see what is happening. It looks like the breakdown of civilization. A scary number of people are hysterical, violent, acting without reference to moral values and definitely not on any honest spiritual path. Even many who say they are "religious" do not engage in historical analysis, deep thinking, questioning, seeking, questing and breaking out of the superstitious domination system under which they are ruled.

I see part of the situation aggravated by the domination system that has taken over most of the religions of the world, They use fear, superstition, and outright false teachings in order to control people. There are few who try to lead people into spiritual depth, enlightenment and awakening. After all, awakened people cannot be controlled and so would not allow themselves to be dominated.

What could save us from a long period of darkness, would be an actual spiritual awakening, led by those who have no hidden agendas because they themselves are awakened. It is hard to break out of the carefully crafted domination system that controls most aspects of life. It requires quiet times, meditation, study, thinking, comparing, daring conversation - finally leading to the realization that this planet is a majestic masterpiece, over which we humans have responsibility, to realize that each life is sacred and that we are all part of a grand cosmic dance, to realize that superstition has no part in saving civilization let alone to play a part in the bringing forth of the Kingdom of God on earth.

One inner shift, and we, the citizens of earth, could turn this incredible planet into what it could be. I urge us all - Stop the destruction. Turn to the quest.

Oh great, Eternal One, open me to You as I have never been before. Lead me to spiritual awakening. Lead me to be part of the turning away from domination, ignorance, superstition, and violence. Lead me into the pure spiritual mission of my life. Open my eyes. Open my ears. Open my heart - to You. 

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