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Friday, December 11, 2020


So many have hypothesized that we are automatons, walking our lives asleep, hypnotized. This can be seen a number of ways, it seems to me.

  • True believers, those who are totally enveloped in some belief, whether it be political or religious, that any contrary view sets them off in some sort of tantrum. 
  • Frequent cognitive dissonance.
  • Those who are slaves to habits of any sort.
  • Those who have triggers that others can set off, buttons that can be pushed, and always a canned reaction pours forth.
  • Those who walk life with no sparkle in their eyes, often a bit slumped in posture, having given up and just going through the motions.
  • And so forth
The first step out of this dilemma might be to notice ourselves such that we can observe our own areas of walking asleep. Follow the old injunction Know thyself.

Then we can consciously work on waking up. I have personally done a myriad of things along those lines. I heartily recommend you begin with meditation and journal writing. Deeply explore yourself, as no one can do it for you. Observe yourself and write it down, observe as neutrally as you can, not justifying yourself, simply noticing. When insights come, write them down. I have a lot of notebooks full of my writing about my journey of awakening. Don't stop. Keep waking up, keep waking at levels beyond your present awareness. The journey is thrilling at points of aha and paradigm shifts. 

It seems to me, because you read my blog, and hopefully tell others about it, something in you is calling to be awakened. What a glorious adventure, scaling inner heights and depths. There's nothing like it.

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