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Monday, March 8, 2010

My Dream

I had a dream the other night, one of THOSE dreams. It haunts me. It is still with me. If seems like something I need to pay attention to. In it I awoke, and then later I actually awoke, and continuing on, I keep awakening to more meaning.

In the dream a man with white hair, wearing a white suit, was in my house, packing up all of my belongings and hauling them away. In the dream I awoke horrified. I tried to argue with him. "No one else will appreciate my great, great aunt's table. Not my sewing machine," etc. He smiled at me and said, "It's of no matter. Where you are going, you cannot take them with you. But what you must do before you go is to leave behind something significant."

Then I awoke from the dream. It was 3 something in the morning. The dream seemed as real as our bedroom. I could not get back to sleep.

It seems to me that I have some more work to do here on earth. So, God, guide me, show me, lead me to do the work You set before me. In this moment I am not certain what it is, but You have sent me a dream to let me know it is on its way. Help me to see it and do what it is that You are about to ask of me. I surrender to You. Your will be done.