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Sunday, April 28, 2024

Mass Psychosis

There have been a number of mass psychosis events of which we are aware. There  were the witch hunts, when thousands of women were killed. It is recorded that in some towns and villages there were scarcely any women left.  There were the Inquisitions. There were the Nazis and Communism under Stalin and Mao and Pol Pot and the Kims, and on and on.

They used torture, hypnotic techniques, drugs, propaganda, threats and more to implant false memories, create mass hysteria, and get people to sign confessions for things they didn't actually do. They were able to break most people, but not all. When their attempts stopped, because the victim escaped, or the captors lost, or for whatever reason, in a few days most of the victims began to regain their real memories.

Now the world is under attack in vast numbers by evil totalitarian people. They are using powerful technology for infiltrating minds. They are flooding the West with drugs. They are creating confusion in a multitude of ways. They are trying to change our language. They are undermining the values we hold dear. They are attacking our religions, primarily Christianity and Judaism, but also Tibetan Buddhism, and others. They are programming our youth to hate who we are and embrace the darkness.

At this  moment in time, a large (not huge yet) number of people are in mass psychosis, or at least neurosis, over propaganda-led attempts to control the world and end freedoms.

It is time to walk out of the embrace of evil. It is time to take back our minds and critical thinking skills.  It is time to stop the mind altering drugs and haze of alcohol. It is time to return to our churches and synagogues. 

Every time mass psychosis has succeeded, even for just a few years, terrible things have happened. We must not let it succeed this time.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

It Is a Wonderful/Awful Life

This fabulous earth school offers us the joyous and wonderful moments of love, passion, insight, metanoia, and so much more.

It also offers us moments demanding sacrifice, of terror, of deep sorrow and loss, and more.

Life is not bland, lived in a straight line of sameness. If we are paying attention, we see that this is a good thing. It's not supposed to be easy. All great things come from striving, learning, struggling, succeeding, failing, and finally succeeding. Whether it's learning to master the piano or learning to be the best human we can be, it's not easy. That's not how it works.

I firmly believe we are here to learn, and grow, to flex our spiritual muscles and see beyond appearances, beyond the bonds of ego. 

We are to awaken to the sacredness of all of creation. We are to look in the eyes of those we call "other" and see the spark of God. We are to step out of the shadow of our self-absorption.  

We are to put our feet upon this sacred Mother Earth, and our hearts in the realm of the Cosmic Christ.

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

The World Before It Is Too Late

 If the world as we know it is not to collapse, we need to re-awaken to spirit shining in matter.... At the heart of matter is the heart of God.

        ----Teilhard  de Chardin

What a different life it is, when we discover sacredness everywhere. The earth is so wonderful, so incredible, created by The Divine Energy that dances throughout all creation. 

Each person is sacred, carrier of Divine Light, the Seed of God.

While we still can, before we tear the earth to pieces, before we let our egos start World War 3, let us awaken to the sacred.

We are in perilous times. What will we choose? A temper tantrum of ego on a rampage? Or the peace of knowing the sacredness of all that is?

Will there be descendants to look back on this time as a turning point? Or will the earth become a barren rock, decimated by the so-called "advanced" weapons of mass destruction used by egotism run amok? 

I suggest - stop fighting with each other and decide to get along and find solutions that work for everyone. We are stewards of sacred lives and a sacred planet. Let's act like it.