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Monday, May 30, 2011

Sewing with Inspiration

For as long as I can remember, I've been subject to inspiration --- ideas, words as in writing & as in speaking, flashes of knowing, etc. Lately the inspiration has been expanded to seeing.

It started with painting & interpreting  & quilting on fabric from photos I've taken or family members have taken. Then it was to paint the icon for our Quiet Day on fabric & quilt it. Then it was to show the rising of our spirit in spite of the clouds of various kinds of pollution here on earth, including inner pollution - done with paper piecing, piecing, painting, thread painting, embellishing, etc. on & with fabric. These are on Facebook in my art quilt photos. Last week it shifted to painting on fabric, thread painting & quilting, visions shown to me.

The one from last week I'm going to post on my Facebook page in the art quilt photos later today, once we upload it from the camera. I saw an angel for earth who funneled the Divine Energy coming to earth through duality because free will has no meaning without choice.

I have now "received" several others that I have placed in my sketchbook, getting in line to come to fabric via sketching, fabric paint, thread paint, ink, embellishments, etc.

It feels like I'm returning full circle but at perhaps a higher level, maybe in a spiral formation. When I was a little girl, Aunt Eleanor saw talent in me, found a textile painting teacher nearby, got me beginning textile paints, etc. I started to paint on pillowcases & other cotton things & won a blue ribbon for roses on pillowcases at the L.A. County Fair. I was maybe 9ish years old. Then it was discovered an oil painting teacher lived a couple blocks from the house. She came from India & wore the traditional clothing with a red dot on her forehead. I found her exotic, intriguing & inspiring as she taught me lacking skills. I painted calla lilies first, as I loved them so much. I took art in high school, but was blocked from going on to art school for some odd & interesting reasons.

Anyway, also during that time, I was in a deep relationship with God & Jesus. My life was heavily focused on trying to follow Jesus by living the life he called us to live. I faltered, of course, but I tried & never stopped trying to this day.

Now in my old age, art & spirituality are coming together in a new way for me. I am at this time in life feeling that I can maybe "tell" more in spiritual art quilts than with words in a book. I am interested to see what comes next.

Lord, as I follow You, I find the journey more & more fascinating. In some ways, my life feels as if I am watching it as You lead it. Once again, I let go & invite You fully into my life. Help me continue to live in awareness of life with You. Help me to be all that You created me to be. To God be the Glory, forever!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Force of Nature or God's Fault?

It fascinates me that "natural disasters" produce questions such as Why did God do this? 

It seems to me that God created our universes & set them up with various natural laws that work the way they always work. Gravity remains constant, so if we jump off a skyscraper, it is not God's "fault" when we hit the pavement below. Rivers overflow from time to time, so if we build in a river valley, it is not God's "fault" when our house is underwater. Faults in the earth slip & create earthquakes, more often in some areas than others, so if we build on top of an earthquake fault, & an earthquake destroys our home, it is not God's "fault".

But, God did also create us with intelligence, creativity & intuition. If we don't use them, it is not God's "fault."

While we send love & prayers & aid to those suffering from natural disasters, & we should, the disasters are the way it works here on earth. Life on earth is fragile, & our "stuff" is even more fragile. What is hearty are our souls. Inside is the glory of God either shining or available to shine when we cooperate. Let us all turn within & ask for Guidance to live a life commensurate with the call from our souls to let the imprisoned splendor out.

Oh, Lord, Your Light pulses within me. I am Your creation, made from Divine Substance. Help me remember who I really am. Help me rise out of the vast stories of my life & of earth's life to no longer look through the glass darkly. Help me release from the depths of my soul Your imprisoned splendor. Help me to be all You call me to be. I ask this with every fiber of my being in the name of  Christ as I seal this with the ancient seal of faith, Amen, Amen & Amen

Sunday, May 15, 2011


The experience of being falsely accused & then to have the accuser make life-changing decisions based on the false accusations -- is still hard for me to understand & cope with. I know that there is a purpose for my soul's development in all earthly experiences. In some instances knowing that does not take away all of the pain.

The Epistle this morning was I Peter 2:19-25. It really spoke to me especially about this experience.

Lord, help me accept the lessons of this life more gracefully. Some of the lessons seem soooo hard. Guide me through the valley. Help me get done with at least this particular valley. Open my eyes so I see the lesson and can take it to heart. Help me complete the lesson, and give me peace.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

That's a NEW Idea to Me Anyway

I was praying the Lord's prayer this morning. When I got to the forgive trespasses part, I also added please help me not create any more trespasses. Help me be better at this life.

Then I heard this: The only way you can avoid all trespasses is to leave earth. As long as you are here, you will make mistakes because you cannot know everything in advance. Does that mean you want to leave?

Of course I said, "NO, I'm not ready to leave!" It really got me to thinking in an expanded way about my trespasses, how they are my teachers (sometimes instructing me what to do next time, sometimes what not to do), how looking back for the most part I would have made the same decision given the same circumstances with the same information available. Obviously, I have not made massive trespasses, just little mistakes. I have never intentionally hurt another person. I am honest. I sincerely have worked since I can remember to make wherever I am a bit better. I have spent much time and resources in reaching out in helpful ways to even those unknown, starting with rolling bandages for lepers when I was in middle school and on and on.

Yet, in my heart, I have always wanted to be better. I can see that it may be impossible as a human to avoid ALL trespasses except for the big ones (which I am pretty sure can pretty much always be avoided). But, can I avoid a higher percent of trespasses? How many more lessons do I need?

Lord, I have known You most of my life. I have known that You are right here, everywhere. I can always turn to You. Yet, I make mistakes. Help me listen to You better so that I make fewer of them. Help me become better at this life. Help me relax a little as I learn the remaining lessons of this life so that I may learn them well and without so much pain that resistance causes. Thank You for being with me always.