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Tuesday, March 21, 2017


In as much as Jesus told us that the only commandment we need is to love ourselves and one another and God with all of our beings, we as a people are not even close to living love. An outside observer might even conclude that this commandment is one to be ignored.

I am writing the following as "we," knowing not all of us. Yet those who witness the darkness, and do not help movement toward the Light of Love are therefore included in the "we" of it all.

Earth - if we truly loved our Mother Earth, how would we behave towards Her? 
We have an intimate relationship with Her. Our bodies are composed of earth, are carbon compounds. The foods we eat are from the earth. The air we breathe and the water that sustains us are of earth. The magnificent sequoia trees, the breathtaking alps, the beauty of the rainbow, the wonders we see, are courtesy of Her.  Yet we watch as She is marred and deforested and polluted. Love is a verb that we seem to refuse to apply to Mother Earth.

Self - if we truly loved ourselves, how would we behave toward ourselves?
We seem to have a strange love/hate relationship with ourselves. We often act as if we prettied up our bodies in the right ways, we might be at least acceptable. We seem to believe that if we partied enough, we'd be at least a little bit happy. We sell ourselves out for approval, often doing things we know are not the highest. We often seek acceptance from others rather from our own selves. Our selftalk is frequently disgraceful, saying horrid things to ourselves that we would be unlikely to say to someone else. We fan insecurities and turn from the Spark of God within. Love is a verb that we seem to refuse to apply to ourselves.

Others - if we truly loved others, how would we behave towards them?
We act as if whatever cruel and awful thing we do to others is okay if the controlling domination systems say to do whatever it is, or at least condone it. So we distort our divine creativity into ever more vicious systems that will maim and destroy those who we define as "other." We become hysterical when someone else holds a different point of view. We gossip, we covet, we judge others. Love is a verb we seem to refuse to apply to others.

God - if we truly loved God, how would we behave towards God?
The domination systems seem to have stripped away the spirituality that once was the aim of most people. Many today worship at the foot of consumerism or some addiction or the other. The battle between spirituality and science that began to be waged by Augustine, has continued and expanded. It seems that knowing God and living in accordance with spiritual principles is so diminished that it is now the brunt of jokes and snide attacks by those who think they know more than they actually know. It is not hip, not cool nowadays to walk the spiritual path. For the most part, religion has been taken over by domination systems and is a business, so is not appealing to one who genuinely wants to walk The Way. And, the anti-science position has grown so that what is taught in many groups as spiritual is indeed silly superstition. If there is a belief in God, it is not the immanent/transcendent God known by the great spiritual people who have walked this earth. Only a few are actually on a spiritual quest, seeking to know more fully The Higher Power and to live in harmony with this Divine One. At any time in history, there have been a handful of awakened and true seekers who carry The Light, hoping to be contagious. That is, hoping that others will find The Light and walk into it. Love is a verb we seem to refuse to apply to God.

What is the way out of lovelessness? Seek and we shall find. Knock and the door will open. Let us try together to live Love, to walk Love, to be Love.

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