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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Van Gogh, Goya and Me

What's the connection? We were all born on March 30th - although not the same year 😀😇

What I was actually thinking about today is how we are co-creators with God, and we are therefore assigned the opportunity to make our own lives works of art. As I think of those toward whom my admiration flows the most, I think of the spiritual greats, the great artists and composers and writers and movers of society pushing/leading to something better. They lived/live amazing lives that inspire us all and make this earth a better place.

Our lives are to be molded into something that makes a difference, a positive difference. We spin ourselves on the wheel of life on earth and reshape ourselves many times as we learn and grow and expand. The baby that came to this world may be contained in this adult, yet this adult is so much more and so different from the little baby.

I think we can, and probably really need to, take ourselves in hand and get to the work of making the rest of our lives a work of art, a work of wholeness, a work of compassion, a work of stretching to be all we can be.

So, we might commence with asking ourselves some questions and then answering them honestly, and then meditate upon the answers. I suggest for the greatest benefit, journal about them.

What part of my life is not beautiful? What part of my life doesn't reflect spirituality, wholeness and compassion? Where does my life hurt?

Is an unbeautiful (ugly) part of my life a good thing for me?

What would my life look like if it were beautiful?

What can I do about it?

What am I willing to do about it?

What are the first steps I commit to taking?

Think of your favorite inspirational artist in life. Imagine how he/she managed to work through the pitfalls of life on earth to achieve beauty. If one person can do it, two can, and twelve can and millions can. It is not an impossible thing, for it has been done by others.

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