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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Information and Disinformation Overload

Bombarded with television voices, internet notices,  social media, etc. - with no way to assess the accuracy of any of it - I need silence time, a sanctuary space to be still and contemplate and listen to the wee small voice.

As we begin to look for our next home, sanctuary is a key word for me. I seek a place away from the whirling egos and their opinions. I seek a place where my feet can touch the earth, where there are trees to sit with, where the sounds are of birds and rustling leaves, natural sounds. I seek a home that gives spaces for contemplation and also creativity - a spacious studio, a great kitchen, a library. I seek a home that is beautiful, for God's creation is beautiful, and I endeavor to align my life at every level with God.

This will likely be our last home. Even the thought of the actual move is a bit exhausting. This move will require lots of helpers. I'm no longer as energetic and strong as I was once. Don't get me wrong, I'm full of vim and vigor in many ways, but I cannot bend and lift as I once did. One more move is enough, before I move on to the next dimension at some approaching point.

I wonder about the information/disinformation bombardment. Did it just develop, or is there some purpose the powers that be have for it? It seems to keep many people away from deep introspection and actual engagement with spiritual practises that lead to Knowing. It keeps people busy with the meaningless. Some become outraged over people and events with which they have no personal experience and no means of verifying. It keeps people off balance, which makes them easier to control. It is fascinating to observe, and at the same time it is disturbing. Where is all of this leading I wonder?

My wish is that all of us find some quiet time in our own personal sanctuary, disengaging from the mad ego circus and finding The More. 

Be still...and know...that I am...God... the Scripture enjoins us.

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