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Monday, December 28, 2020

Colliding Worldviews

I regularly deal with someone I care deeply about who has an opposite worldview. His view revolves around My way or the highway. My worldview revolves more around There's another way to look at this, and another, and another... He seeks, and believes he has found, clear and irrefutable truth. I seek truth on a journey of awakening, knowing Truth is infinite and not containable in words or anything else - Infinite.

The clashing of worldviews can be painful, or in some cases exhilarating, depending on the people involved. We can have good natured debates, irate arguments or just walk away as we shrug our shoulders.

In some ways, because we each have a unique life, all of our worldviews are unique. Sometimes they are close, and we can share together. Sometimes they are so far apart that it seems the other is speaking an unintelligible foreign language or even gobbley gook nonsense.

It's difficult to give a one size fits all solution to this. For me, I listen for The More to guide me. I am shown that along this path there are souls at every level and there are many paths. Just as I cannot argue a two year old into being a 30 year old, I cannot force someone to drastically shift their understanding. So, for those whose language is barely intelligible to me, those behind me and those ahead of me, so to speak, I realize it's not up to me. It's between them and God. 

Evelyn Underhill said that God's pull in our lives is like iron shavings to a magnet. We are all drawn. We'll all get there. And we do well to remember that there are many paths to Oneness, Awakening, Enlightenment to full Awareness. Bless us all on our journey.

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