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Sunday, December 6, 2020


This morning I am reading some thoughts of Gurdjieff. 

Every religion points to the existence of a common center of knowledge...

In the end, knowledge cannot be forced upon anyone, and an impartial survey of the average person's life, of what interests him and fills his day, will show immediately that the whole trouble is that people either do not want this knowledge or are incapable of receiving it...

No system or school can do our work for us...

Change of knowledge comes from change of being...

 In this teaching the first principle is that nothing is to be taken on faith. One should believe nothing that cannot be verified for oneself.

 I can see how this is easier to apply in simpler times, where people were more directly interacting with nature and one another, when there were quiet evenings spent pondering the stars and conversations were about "real" things.

Today we are bombarded with a constant stream of words and pictures and sounds. This opinion or that opinion - is it really their opinion or are they just reading a script written by some person somewhere? How can we verify anything? How can we take the anonymous opinions of a talking head as fact or truth or what?

It seems to me, I need to peel back this veneer of noise, propaganda, and distortion and look again at what actually matters. 

To me what matters includes love, kindness, truth, The Presence/The  More and knowing and being authentically me. What really and truly matters to you? Seek that.

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