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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Filling In the Blanks

I had some questions about the blank lines in my previous post. So I'll try to explain what I was/am thinking.

For me, knowing that I am in the last portion of this life, I want to focus mostly on things spiritual and things creative. I want to endeavor to waste as little time as possible. This means to me that I need to evaluate my choices in line with what I want to do with the rest of my life.

So, when I consider spending time doing this or that, I want to put it's name in the blanks and see if I get a majority answer one way or the other. For example, hmmmm shall I go to see a particular movie, or engage in a particular activity, or read a particular book, or watch a particular TV program, etc.? Put that choice in the blanks and see how they fare.

I put "Facebook" in the blanks and discovered that most time there is wasted. What is not wasted is getting to keep in touch with family and friends, getting uplifting ideas, finding gorgeous quilt ideas, etc. So I am limiting my time there to not over 1/2 hour a day.

By evaluating our usual activities, we can stop wasting so much time on things that do not lead us where we want to go. Of course, we all need "down time" and a bit of time wasting can be restorative, but just a little.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Time Management

It's hard to know how to spend the coin of my life, my time. As I accumulate seniority on this planet, I realize, that if you add it all up, I've likely spent years doing nonsense, nonproductive and useless things. I'm not talking about seemingly nothing from an outsider's view - meditation, contemplation, prayer, musing, etc. may look like nothing but are very much something. I'm thinking about too much television, upsets over triviality, estrangements, doing things I really really do not want to do, etc.

So here it is near the end of 2012!!! Wow!!! With dwindling time left to serve on earth, what can I do to waste a lot less of it. I think I might begin by asking myself questions. Fill in the blanks with the activity being considered.

  1. Is this _________ something that makes my insides sing and dance and be filled with joy?
  2. Is this _________ something I really, really, really want to do?
  3. Is this __________ something that helps me be more spiritually awake?
  4. Is this __________ something that is helpful, lifting, useful, meaningful, and positive?
  5. Would I truthfully name this _______ a waste of my time?
  6. Is this ________ in anyway tied to my life's purposes?
  7. When I stand before the Divine, when my time here is over, will I be happy to present this _________ as something I gave the coin of my life for?
I am sure you can come up with more questions that speak to you. For me, for now, I came up with the number of completion, 7.

Now, do I have the courage to ask these of myself and then to fearlessly apply them to the remaining moments of my life? It remains to be seen, but I can begin and do my best and see what happens.

In the finite time I have left on earth, oh Divine Master, guide me to see clearly what it is that I spend the coin of my life upon and to choose wisely.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Where It's At Today

This week has been incredibly special for me. For years at major quilt shows, I find myself entranced by the ones by Sharon Schamber. For about 2 years we've had her booked to come to our guild, and this was the week.

Her trunk show at the meeting took our breath away. All of us gasped multiple times by the sheer magnificence of her work. And, many were taken aback by her humility and openness to share all she knows.

Then there were two days of classes. They were more than I had expected. On the first day she taught us her brilliant technique for doing curved seams. I LOVED it. But, the highlight was our spiritual connection and conversation. I treasure the knowing that I have made another deep spiritual friend. She said no wonder I felt attracted to her quilts. I came to understand that my connection to her quilts was the spiritual connection that we ignited in person.

On the second day, she taught us her technique for making feathers with tons of important tips on all sorts of quilting/sewing things. Our spiritual connection deepened. But, my husband was taken ill with a major bout of diverticulitis. He went to the doctor on his own, so all of us who have men in our life understand what a big deal that was. I was not able to be totally at the class as I was so concerned about him. I did learn a lot. He got antibiotics, tests and a follow up appointment with the admonition to go to emergency if he got worse.

I am not certain what happened, cosmically speaking, this week. but I have a strong notion that a turning point happened. I think something new is about to unfold.

Lord of the universes, Lord of the dimensions, Lord of all that is, was and shall be, lead me onward back to You. Unfold in me the secrets You placed to be opened at the time of ripeness. Clear my eyes to see the steps to take into the newness that has left a gentle whiff of itself. I walk forward in the full knowing that You walk every moment with me. Thank You!!!