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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Loss of Sacred

It takes just a cursory glance at our world to notice that "sacred" is not a hot topic of conversation, of news, of movies, of television, of books, of music, of the internet, of politicians or of regular conversation in the lives of people. What happened to us? How did we get to this secular and violent way of looking at life and interacting with life?

Some say it began in the "enlightenment" period. Others put it at the feet of Aristotle and Augustine and an entire array of "thinkers," and their ridiculous rejection of science, of separating the sacred from the scientific.

Another path could have been taken where science would be an exciting exploration into how The Higher Power works, confirming The Magnificence at every turn with very surprising twists and turns and breathtaking understanding of ever more wondrous things. What a God!!!

But, up until now anyway, that's not the path humanity took, except for a rather tiny minority. I wrestle daily with - what is the responsibility of all who have touched the sacred?  Is there a way to awaken a sufficient number of others and stop the madness?

The old saying comes to mind - if you don't change the direction you're going, you're likely to end up where you're heading.

Let's join together in prayer and seek the answer that could send the knowing of the Sacred out like wildfire to ignite the hearts and minds of people all over this planet. Maybe we can go back to that split in the road where humanity took the secular path, and redirect ourselves upon the sacred path, knowing God's Presence in all there is.

Let us pray, each in our own way....

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