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Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Problem of Power

Aldous Huxley wrote:
Since the appetite for power is purely mental and therefore insatiable and impervious to disease or old age, no community that values liberty can afford to give its rulers long tenures of office.
Some say that all who seek power are in some way "bad." This is thought to be so because to seek spiritual enlightenment entails such things as non-attachment, simplicity, compassion, release of ego, surrender to something Greater, etc.

Jean Pierre Camus said:
God's Holy Will is the centre from which all we do must radiate; all else is mere weariness and excitement.
Huxley concludes that:
We see then, that a "great man [woman] can be good - good enough even to aspire to unitive knowledge of the divine Ground provided that, while exercising power, he [she] fulfills two conditions. First, he [she] must deny himself [herself] all the personal advantages of power and must practise the patience and recollectness without which there cannot be love either of man [woman] or God. And second, he [she] must realize that the accident of possessing temporal power does not give him [her] spiritual authority which belongs only to those seers, living or dead, who have achieved direct insight into the Nature of Things... Spiritual authority can be exercised only by those who are perfectly disinterested and whose motives are therefore above suspicion.
I see the dilemma of our day. The powers in our capital and in seats of power all over our earth urge and surge and demonize all who disagree. For the most part, it seems the average person emulates this behavior. The seeking of spiritual awareness is made fun of and not even considered as something of value. The power hungry are devouring our world and the chances of a free and positive future.

I wonder what it would take to turn from such power and awaken to the spiritual path??? What would it take for the awareness that we are stewards and not owners of all earthly things??? All that lies here "below" stays here, and it is our soul that one day leaves this place, taking with it only its consciousness that has been developed or atrophied while here on earth. Our lives are more cosmic than commonly recognized. 

These words that write on this blog are given to me. I pray that long after I'm gone, some echoes of the understanding God has granted me will continue. I also realize there is the distinct possibility that the power hungry and their insatiable appetites will wipe out most civilization, including these blips on the electronic wave stream.

May God strike the hearts of the powerful with flashes of spiritual insight so that they may be led upon God's Way and not their ego way. May this Light glow brightly in ever more hearts and minds until there truly is peace on earth. May our human family awaken and lift life on earth to a higher path. Thy Kingdom Come.

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