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Saturday, March 11, 2017


This morning I was reflecting on how God and Jesus' understanding of God are non-elitist.

First of all, the Infinite Intelligence, the Divine Essence of All, the Creator, the One we often call "God," creates and re-creates us all every moment. We are created fallible so that we can co-create ourselves and our lives into a sacred work of art.

Jesus was a creative genius whose words were often spoken in parables that everyone could, and still can, understand. No matter the religion or the race or the time in history - universally we can understand his stories. The good Samaritan, the prodigal son, all of the stories speak in a timeless and universal way. It is said that his parables are the closest thing we have to what he actually said, with the rest remembered variously by those who wrote down the story of Jesus - many years after the fact. But, the parables were indelibly etched in those who heard them and knew their meaning.

All creation is sacred. You and I are sacred. What if we consciously focused on creating our lives to be the sacred work of art they can be, maybe even are supposed to be? God has trusted us enough to place us here at this time to do the Great Work.  Maybe this week re-read/read Jesus' parables and think on them and what they say to us who walk the 21st century. Then become, the best we can, people who walk The Way - who care as much for strangers as the good Samaritan or receive the estranged with open arms and celebration. Let us walk and live the parables. Oh what a world it could be!

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