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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Saying Good-bye to Judy

This post is in honor of our dear friend, Judy, and her journey to the next life.

She was talkative and fun on Saturday afternoon when we spent several hours with her and her daughter in the hospital. She had a great attitude, especially for someone who had spent the month in the hospital, the rehab center, and then again the hospital, and who had not been home for that entire time.

Then on Monday morning I awoke feeling off. I felt like there was no way I could go to my art quilt group that morning. Shortly I received a call that Judy was failing. I realized that was the reason for the odd feeling. We went to the hospital and were told her kidneys and liver were shutting down, she struggled to breathe, her blood pressure was low and her body temperature several degrees low.

In ICU I held her hand and she said, "do you know?" I told her I did. We talked of what needed to be completed, said, or done. She said she was ready. She asked me to wash her face and put a cool cloth on her head. We talked a bit, she in a whisper. Then with another friend, we held hands, forming a circle and prayed for God's Love and Light and Guiding Hand and Highest Good for her soul. I told her that it could be a bit confusing at first, just remember to go to the Light. She asked repeatedly for her daughter. We knew she was on her way and reassured Judy. Others came, and we walked out of the room for them to come in. We gathered at the end of the hallway, a handful of friends around a table that surely had held many such gatherings for others also ready to depart. We talked about Judy.

Her daughter came, clutching the prayer quilt we had given Judy. She was asked if she wanted to hear it from the doctor or from our friend who had been her friend for many many years. She chose our friend. She wept with deep grief. We held her and encouraged her. She was able to compose herself in order to peacefully be with her mother. We knew Monday was THE day.

Our little group dispersed just before two o'clock, with 2 of us promising to return after some duties and appointments we had. I returned just before 3:30. Her daughter was with her and wanted to be alone with her knowing her time to go on was close.

Almost as soon as I put my backpack down and took off my shoes, I received a call that "Judy was with the Angels."

Her end is also her new beginning. Life eternal moves onward. She has "slipped the surly bounds of earth," as we all must some day. She left conscious and filled with faith, with courage and peace. I am thankful to call her my friend. She will be missed greatly here, and welcomed heartily there.

God bless us all.

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