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Thursday, February 9, 2017


Bear with me for a moment. I've been reading a lot of Biblical history. From the fight with the prophets of Baal to the condemnation of those who have gone to the pagan side in the book of Revelation - there is great concern regarding the damaging effects of going pagan.

What did/does paganism look like? Some key points include materialism, sexual promiscuity, morals far away from Jewish/Christian morals, worship of idols rather than the worship of the unseen God, and a few others.

Ponder with me two different societies/worlds --- one based on paganism and one based on Jewish/Christian ways. Which would be the one we'd like to live in? We cannot aim for darkness and light simultaneously. We cannot be both greedy and generous. We cannot be both chaste and promiscuous. We cannot be both loyal and disloyal. We must choose.

As I look around, I see a world tipping in the direction of the pagan.

Let us contemplate these two paths and which we choose. Then let us listen for Guidance as to what to do.

I know You are here with us, always. We open the doors of our inner being to hear You at the deepest levels. We come willing and ready to follow You, be as You would have us be, and to stand for You in the world. We listen, Lord.

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