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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Origen and Marlene

Let's look at one of his statements on scripture and discuss it a bit:
For so long as any one is not converted to spiritual understanding, a veil is placed over his heart with which veil, i.e., a gross understanding, Scripture itself is said or thought to be covered: and this is the meaning of the statement that a veil was placed over the consciousness of Moses when he spoke to the people, i.e., when the law was publicly read aloud. But if we turn to the Lord where also is the word of God, and where the Holy Spirit reveals spiritual knowledge, then the veil is taken away, and with unveiled face we shall behold the glory of the Lord in the holy Scriptures.

One of the problems that we face is that almost everyone thinks their way has removed the veil and others are veiled. So we get groups who claim to be followers of the way of Jesus opposed to other groups who claim to be followers of the way of Jesus - each thinking the other is either misguided or dead wrong or even dangerous. So there is little convergence and fellowship. The animosity that develops leads to ever thickening veils.

I think we would do well to not shrink from discussions between different understandings and would be well served by the depth that would surely ensue. At a time when Christianity Itself is under attack, Christians might consider stop being part of factions and join together to be simply followers of the way of Jesus with various understandings of what that means. 

Your understanding, for example, says you must engage in ritual and mine says it is not essential or even needed. That is interesting  --- not wrong. Let's discuss it and understand and accept the form that speaks to each one.

If we stand on the core of Jesus' way - love, forgiveness, acceptance of all, healing, prayer, times in the silence, empathy, close relationship with God, etc. - then the details are simply interesting, and we can stand together.

It might be a crucial time for Christianity's future, what shall we do?

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