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Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Soul

This morning I am pondering one of the things Meister Eckhart said: God says He will draw the soul to Him, and she shall be made new, for she has wandered far from him and, in the death throes of unlikeness caused by the assaults of lethal things, has lost her pristine bloom, her first God-given freshness.

It has been my quest to journey back to God, climbing over all the piles of pain and travail and confusion of this life that began way back when. I have come part of the way and am only too aware I have "miles to go before I sleep" as Robert Frost said.

This morning my attention was drawn to news alerts on my phone, and away from my personal journey. The various terrorist groups are pledging to annihilate Christianity totally. Wipe it of the face of the earth my phone told me.

I feel deep sadness for souls so far from God and so deep in barbarity that they must not see and are so lost. I feel dismay at the leaders of this world who are so politically correct they will not stand up and be counted upon. How could a small band expand so quickly and cause so much grief? Will you join me in prayer for them?

Lord, open the perpetrators of monstrous acts to Your Light. Draw their souls from the murkiness out of lethal things and back to their Divine Center, to the pristine souls that You created. Ease their anger and pain and lift them to You. Lead them to remember You. Lift them out of ignorance. Diffuse their rage. Bring them healing.  Bring them peace. Bring them home to You. I know from human eyes, this seems almost impossible, but I know with You all things are possible. Let the waves of healing flow across this planet and ring out the good news that You are with us and all will be well. God, I am so thankful to know You hear this prayer. Let it be so. Amen, Amen and Amen

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