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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Where Is The Holy Spirit?

In reading Origen this morning, I am interested in his idea about where the Holy Spirit can be found. Basically, he says that God is everywhere - in saints and sinners, in animals, in the inanimate. But the Holy Spirit does not act in all of those places. The Holy Spirit is active in conscious people who are sincerely on the spiritual path.

Origen shows that the Holy Spirit was active in the Old Testament and not just the New Testament - in Isaiah, Daniel, the hymn of Habakkuk, with Moses,etc. In fact he says that when spirit is mentioned in the Bible, it is referring to the Holy Spirit.

At the scientific level, we know that atoms dance around and circulate constantly and are shared by all, so that at the physical level we are one. We might say that the Creative Energy then is present in all - in saints and sinners, in animal, in the inanimate, just as Origen said.

Origen says if you are engaged in good acts and abide in God, the Holy Spirit is active in you. He adds the caveat that you are also to be in relationship with Jesus - I would make it more expansive by saying the Cosmic Christ.

I don't think before today I've considered the Omnipresence of God and the focused activity of the Holy Spirit not being Omnipresent. At first look, I do think this is accurate.

Furthermore, I am certain the activity of the Holy Spirit in us is not tied in any way to theology. That is we believe this and that and belong to various groups espousing various theologies, and if we are sincerely on the path, do good works, abide in God and walk with Christ -the Holy Spirit is present.

When I write or create something, I often feel the activity of the Holy Spirit. I imagine you do too. So let us expand our good works, abide more fully in God, deepen our walk with Christ and welcome the working and guidance of the Holy Spirit in our lives. What an amazing spiritual journey it is.

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