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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Light Within

I guess you could say that my all time favorite thinker is Meister Eckhart. In reading some of his words this morning, I was struck again by the following concept:
"Origen, that great authority, suggests a parallel: that God's Son, God's Image, is in the ground of the soul like a living spring. If earth is thrown on it, earthly desire that is, it smothers it, covers it over and it vanishes from our ken. But in itself it remains alive, and on removing the soil that was thrown on from without, we see it again... the seed of of divine nature in us never dies out, though by chance covered over."

I truly believe this is true. The Spark of our Creator lives in us, all of us. One of my teachers on my journey, way back in the 70's, said to my daughter that every time we pray for someone we help remove a dirty rag that covers their true self (my daughter was having struggles with her father). What a terrific image.

Sometimes I have difficulty remembering that even though a huge pile of dirty rags may cover someone, under it all there is the Light of God. My job is to not buy into the pile of rags but to see the Truth and be part of removing the coverings and help to set the buried person free.

When someone persecutes me, accuses me falsely, speaks in rages - it is often challenging to see that under all that ugliness, there is the Light of God, simply hidden from view. It is so much easier to see it philosophically than to see it when facing extreme real people, especially those that once were close and beloved.

I think Jesus was calling us to this realization when he told us to judge righteous judgment, and not appearances.

I don't think my mission on earth is only to do the easy and the obvious. Today I am working on seeing the Light of God under the pile on my persecutors.

Lord, I surrender my judgments to You. I open myself to be able to remember Your Light in those who persecute me. I pray for the coverings to be removed and for them to be set free to be the holy beings that they are in Reality. Bless them, heal them, reveal their true and divine nature. Give them that sigh of relief when the last dirty rag is removed and they can see and know You as You are, and see and know themselves as Your wondrous creations. I give thanks for this glorious restoration. I turn it over to You and seal this in faith, Amen, Amen, Amen

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