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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Thank You God and Medical Science

Over the years, I have been blessed by not only God and by the people of my life, but also by medical science. I believe that God has inspired great people to know new things and make leaps forward in many areas, including medical science.

Tomorrow I will again enter the doorway of a hospital and some really strangely worded things are happening due to mesh malfunctions.

I give thanks that I know God is with me, is inspiring the hands of the doctor and all who participate in my surgery.

Wherever we go, whatever is going on, the living Presence of God is there, filling all, enfolding all, guiding all willing to be guided. Lord, I am completely willing and desiring to be guided by You and to follow as You lead me. I know there is more that You require of me here on earth, so I know the future is well lit by Your Light.

I relax into Your Love and let go in peace.

Thank You!

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