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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

DNA Is Calling

I know this may be a metaphor, so just hang in with me a moment. The thought that struck me recently is about one of the reasons to hold on and hang in there as we walk this strange valley that has been our journey the past 4 years+. The echoes of DNA in my being urge me to fulfill my dreams not only for myself, but also for my ancestors, to in my own way fulfill their lost dreams.

For example, my grandfather on my mother's side had a vision of building and creating new ways to build homes and other buildings. He was well on his way; then his partner did him out of all of his money, and he decided somehow that a gun shot to his head would be the best solution. So he didn't get to go forward to his dream. This disaster went on forward so that my grandmother, my mother, my aunt, etc. were not able to go for their dreams either, or so they told themselves. My father's mother died of a burst appendix when he was 7 and his fortunes took a downward spiral. He wanted to be a physician, but his wicked step mother and all that transpired ended his dream. And then his woundedness joined with my mother's woundedness, and they entered a shared PTSD in a time when there was no help, little psychological or spiritual help, when psychological problems were disgraceful.

As for me, in spite of incredible odds and the slings of dark energies thrown in my way, the attacks and strange twists and turns, I have realized some of my dreams. I am thankful.

My husband and I have a big dream we share and are on the threshold of being able to go for it. The impetus is possibly not just our dreams, but also the echoes of dreams of our ancestors present in the DNA they gave us. Then also, there are the murmurs in the collective unconscious from them and from countless others, to set our sails for a big dream and see what we can do to manifest it.

I feel we are about to enter an extremely exciting time, bursting with possibilities. May great dreams come true.

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