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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Knowing - Gnosis

I have come to believe, actually know, that there is an interior space in us all that is an unbreakable connection to the Divine. At the center, the core, of us all is what I call the Temple in the soul.

This is rarely taught, especially after history's turn to the rational, scientific worldview. Most religions teach rules and symbols that imprison the inner Temple so that faith in what they say replaces knowing. Yet a smidgen of knowing creeps through. Who has not said, after making a poor choice, "I knew I shouldn't have done that?" Who has not had moments of intuition and inspiration that seem to come from nowhere? Our gnosis cannot be completely shut out.

Joaquino da Fiore, in the middle ages, predicted that the age of the Son had superseded the age of the Father, and it would be superseded by the age of the Holy Spirit. A hint about what that would mean could be found in other words for the same thing - Comforter, Guide, that which Jesus told us he would send to us to lead us to do greater things, etc. I hope he was correct and we can find our way there.

I propose that in our inner Temple there is a direct connection to Holy Spirit. Part of our quest then is to find a way to that inner holy spot, to listen, to surrender to the Greater, and in the great paradox find ourselves and our freedom, freedom from the mass psychosis of the world and outer forces.

There a sort of insane frenzy that overtakes groups of people. We can see it in history. From Nazis to Hannibal to Pol Pot, wars, invasions, tortures, burnings and hangings. Religions, power greed, insane leaders who shout from their egos lead cultures off cliffs into ugly and evil times. When we cut off connection to Holy Spirit, we humans follow the loudest voice and their rules.

I have heard soldiers, death camp guards, and machete wielding killers later express remorse and say that they knew it was wrong, but got caught up in the frenzy. In our own ways, maybe not that extreme, we get caught up in the world's insanity. We let "news" or politics or some orator lead us astray from our quest to be free and awake spiritually. The Holy Spirit then becomes a faint Voice, shouted down by the voices of the darkness.

I see humanity treading on dangerous ground right now. We have it in our power, because of the devastating weapons we have created, to end history, to end humanity, to end most or all life on earth. I think our salvation from ourselves involves leaping into the Age of the Holy Spirit. Leap with me.

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