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Saturday, May 5, 2018

My Life Lives In Me

Today we were at a church district meeting. People were discussing, at one point, conferences of the past, memories, fond and not so fond.

There arose in me the sweetness of spiritual gatherings I was blessed to experience over the years, and I saw how each wonderful moment is a grain representing itself in my core.

They join together to strengthen my walk, but they also maintain their own distinctive meaning. From camps of my youth, churches, Asilomar, workshops around the world - the faces are present, echoes of music dance in my soul, prayers, tears, laughter, ah ha moments - live in me. I've not lost them; they are not long gone. They each are a precious part of me.

And I humbly hope in whatever way I have touched others, I live as a little grain in them as they do in me. The millions of moments of our lives walk with us.

Thank You, God, for the gift of each moment, each person, each joy and each difficult lesson. Through it all, it is You present, my Guide, my Love.

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