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Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Disease is not cured by simply speaking the name of the medicine. The essence of the miracle of the seed (which bears no resemblance to the plant and fruit it can become) cannot be found by tearing the seed apart. Holding a lump of clay does not instruct us on all the things the clay can become.

Saying a word representing God does not lead us to be in actual relationship with God. Neither does reading what others say about God lead us home. The Way can be hinted at, pointed to, modeled for us - but we ourselves must walk The Way and come to be in that precious relationship. The words, the hints, the breadcrumbs are not It.

We must walk The Way ourselves. It cannot be delegated.

Where can one go to be led to The Way? Is this taught anywhere effectively? I think not. The Jesus test I often use is his idea that by the fruits we shall know. Is there a pocket somewhere on earth that is purely loving kindness, compassion, adorned with spiritually awake people who have been healed of darkness and live exuding Light? How could this be created actually? Because I can see it, I think it possible.

So I return to yesterday's question - how can humanity be healed? I continue to ponder.

Lord, I do know Your Presence, Your Spirit to be always present. Open us to awareness of You. Instruct us on our own healing. Instruct us In the healing of humanity. Lead us in new ways. Make clear to us what to do. Help us to be part of peace on earth. Help us remember who we are. 

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