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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Bringing Together or....

This amazing time of global communication has the potential of bringing us together, sharing compassionately, lifting those who are in need of lifting and bringing peace.

However, potential to mean much needs to be actualized. It sounds so simple, so why isn't it happening?

Meister Eckhart, Leo Tolstoy, Nona Brooks  and others have seen that "all" that needs to happen is for people to live as Jesus taught. Of course any study of either history or current events shows us that a tiny, tiny percent of people have been able to do that, and even then not all of their lives. All have fallen short, a very few have tried, most are unconscious to the spiritual path, and some are just plain mean.

So the question seems to me - is it possible to get a majority to walk The Way of Christ, and if so how? How?

It begins with you and with me. Work on our own shadows. Focus on living in awareness of the Presence of God. Live the two Great Commandments. Radiate God's Love. Share the Light. Be the best we can be.

Let the contagion of Love and Light spread across earth. Let this be the time and US the people.

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