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Sunday, May 13, 2018

It's a Dance

This morning, halfway between sleep and wakefulness, I had a vision.

I saw the movement, the activity, the actual dance of earth entering the carrot, the melon, all plant life, and earth as plant life entering animal and human life. I saw the dashed lines as the atoms move constantly, flow into this and that and circulate out, in, around. I saw whirling lines. I saw the way it actually is. The atom that was dirt whirled into the carrot, moved into the rabbit and kept going.

I saw God's creative action. I saw the oneness of that which we call physical and that which we label spiritual. I saw how there can be no separation between the things we have tended to name separate. It is in Reality ALL spiritual. God's activity is what it all is. Truly there is nothing but God.

God, I rejoice in the gift of vision you gave me this day. Lead me to be conscious of Your Activity, Your Presence in all that exists, knowing it only exists because it is Yours. Lead me to more fully understand Jesus' call to judge righteous judgement and not by appearances. You have shown me how nothing is as it seems to be via my usual senses. What an amazing thing is Your creation. Thank You for making me part of it and showing it to me. I breathlessly celebrate You and Your magnificence.

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