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Friday, May 11, 2018

Nona Brooks

Nona Brooks is one of the wondrous people who have taught and led my life even though I have not met them. I started 're-reading her little book "Mysteries" yesterday.

This morning a couple of thoughts caught my mind that I wish to share with you today. One is the concept that we get stuck in mental and spiritual ruts. Sometimes it takes an earthquake like experience to get us out of it. Our "seeing" focuses on less than the Omnipresence of God.

Also, we diminish God by thinking God is limited by the activity of evil. This is a common confusion, it seems to me. In some quarters, evil and devil are "taught" as actual opponents of God.

Let's focus today on God's Presence in everything we see. In the whirling atoms of the seemingly solid table, in the tiny flower bursting out of the crack in the asphalt, in the wagging tail of a beloved dog, in the miracle of birth, in our very life - in all, we come to see the activity of The Omnipresent One.

Wherever we are, we live and move and have our lives in the Presence of God.

Open my eyes, open my ears, open my mind, open my heart to You, to Your Presence. Lead me to know You are always with me, with all creation - always.

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